Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Has it only been a week? Ubuntu rocks.

Ubuntu doesn't feel like a radical departure from my normal way of working, anymore. It feels like home.

I had used Windows for ten years; I tried Ubuntu and a couple of other Linux distros, in dual-boot setups, but I never got the guts to switch, to make something that was not Windows my main operating system.

Until a week ago, that is. Why is it that I now spend time working with my computer, using my computer, being creative with my computer, letting myself do what I want to do without the constraints of what others have provided for me? It's because it's become fun again. I don't have to live with Windows any more and I have gained freedom rather than giving up functionality. It's fun to play with the computer now. It's fun again, and as a result I can do far more.

Has it been only a week? It feels like I've had this setup forever. It feels so normal.

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