Friday, June 24, 2011

Changes in focus, changes in locus

I haven't been posting here much. Actually I haven't been posting much, anywhere, except perhaps at Internet Evolution where I manage to stay pretty active. But my focus has been on websites, and more recently on an intriguing engineering project where I get to play with the electronic hardware, like I used to years and years ago. It's great fun.

I'm still editing, still publishing, and doing a weekly Internet radio show (see I'd be glad to have more people listen.

I'll stop by here and share some thoughts again, once in a while. I don't guarantee that it will be soon though.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get Rid of Annoying Message!

If I didn't want messages from a particular newsletter I would not have subscribed to it nor would I have created a filter for the specific purpose of marking the messages NOT SPAM. Just because the news is not what you want it to be, there is no reason for you to be attempting to impose censorship by means of a spam filter. It is entirely inappropriate for Google to place a big yellow bar at the top of these messages. With this message, Google is spamming my screen. Get rid of it!

in reference to: Never send to Spam - Gmail Help (view on Google Sidewiki)