Friday, April 3, 2009

Maybe I am finally 'getting it'

No, this post is not about sex.

What I'm getting is some sort of understanding of blogging. I had thought that keeping a blog going meant that I had to write something on a daily or at least weekly basis. But lately, just for fun, I've been using the Google toolbar to push content to my blog. When I come across something interesting on the Internet, instead of just emailing it to a selected group of friends or keeping it to myself, I add it to this blog. It certainly seems to fit into the theme of this blog, after all.

So, dear readers, if there are actually any of you out there, I think I'll be able to make it worth your while to visit this blog once in a while. Thanks again to Sydney J. Harris for the idea; I think he would have loved the capability to post things he found, right away and without too much work. Not that he would have been lazy about it, like me.

Now I'm going to play with the technology a bit more, and put a link here on twitter. I wonder if anyone will visit. [Inquiring minds want to know...]

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