Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Look for this Blog

If you have stopped by--an unusual event to say the least--you may notice that things have changed a bit around here.
  • For one thing, I tried to make it a little easier to see. Don't know what had possessed me to use a black background before!
  • For another, I decided to add a list over on the right, of the websites I've been building or modifying for various clients. Except where indicated otherwise, I built these from scratch, usually using my favorite content management system, Joomla! I didn't include my own sites here, just those for my customers. Please keep in mind that many design choices were made by the client, not by me!
  • I added a banner for you to click if you need webhosting. LunarPages is really good.
  • I added a few more blogs and sites in the respective lists.
Thanks for visiting.

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